“Big Brother” is watching…

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But why should you care? Lately, I’ve found that some folks still aren’t unsettled by the massive amounts of monitoring done by the Gov’t, even in the most private of places. They claim things such as, “I have nothing to hide” and “Just don’t do anything illegal.” Well, that’s the gist of it, anyway. To those folks and others on the fence, I have this to say:

If you don’t have something to hide, the Gov’t will make sure you do. There are over 37,000 laws and bylaws on the books as of today. So many, in fact, that not even the Feds can keep track of them all. That is likely one of the only things saving you from court/jail time. The other thing is that many innocent people just like you are already in prison for breaking one of those countless laws (as you are doing now, several of them, repeatedly). So many, in fact, that the prisons are severely overcrowded.

It’s much like a revolving door, except if you’re not already a die-hard criminal when you get in, you probably will be when/if you get out when you find out you’re penniless and can’t get a job anymore. That’s because the authorities put just enough real criminals in jail to keep you company (who, by the way, will most likely get released before you do to alleviate the system, kinda like unclogging a toilet with a needle).

Think about it. How many people in prison are there because they woke up one morning and said, “I’m going to do something illegal today”? Barring bank robbers and school shooters, not many. And trust me on this, if whatever law you’re breaking isn’t extreme enough, charges will be made up for you that, when fed to the sheeple by the mainstream media, will seem entirely plausible (just look up the Branch Davidian Compound, Waco, Texas 1993).

But hey. They don’t even need charges. They can just throw you in prison forever for no reason at all. They may not need to habeas your corpus in the court of law, but they do need your ass to be in their custody in order for them to lock it in a cage. And of course, to do that, they need to know where you are. And they know where you are, because they’re always watching. Well, maybe not always. You’re one person out of many they want to keep tabs on. But remember that once their focus shifts from your neighbor’s private time to you, it’s only a few buttons to making you guilty as not charged.

To determine whether or not it could happen to you, only one question need be answered: Do you exist?

-Mr. Hide


“Deathcare Reform”

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No need for links to tell you that Healthcare Reform passed. Everyone and their dog knows by now. Before I get into it as many of my fellow bloggers will, and the American Public as well, here’s a link with some hope:


Some States are already wanting to sue. Worthy of support, but we were all doomed before you and I were even born.

The co-author to this blog and I differ fundamentally in our view of this, but if he wishes to write about it, he may do so.

Now, many Americans despite fierce opposition still are not entirely sure what this means (the Bill? 2,409 pages of BS, I’m not going through all of that…). But you don’t have to read the Bill to know what the result will be. This is huge, and it will cost money. It will cost money that we haven’t had for decades. The solution? Inflate the crap out of the economy until a dollar won’t buy you a crumb anymore.

Gold and silver won’t have this problem. If there’s a time to protect your wealth in those assets, it is right friggin’ now. This instant. Go. Do it. Done? Okay. Now, past the fact that it’s accelerated collapse of the dollar, keep in mind that it’s another huge step towards a slave society and totalitarian dictatorship (not unlike Nazviet Gerrussia x 2). And this will occur while screwing you over even more. That’s how it works. You regulate the hell out of everything and tell people it’s for their own good. Make some laws that sound good on paper but tie your hands behind your back in red tape.

It’s made much easier due to the fact that we’ve been programmed to accept more regulation on damn near everything. Few people question licensing, for example, and even fewer dare to go without them. We fail to look past the obfuscation to see that regulation started this mess and more of it is like dousing a fire with lighter fluid. Of course, we’ve also been programmed not see past things and accept what’s on the surface of the muddy waters. But that’s just it. Those waters are clearly muddy (irony not intended), and they’re making you drink it. You don’t need to dive to the bottom to know something’s wrong. Yet not enough people choose to believe as such. Once again, programming.

Getting less abstract now, we can’t even pay for this ridiculous policing we’re doing in the Mid-East and wherever the hell else as it is. So #1. Letting that situation go on and #2. introducing a Bill like this and #3. getting it passed, is nothing short of insanity. Whatever time we had to prepare for collapse before, it’s rapidly declining. Ra-pid-ly. Do you understand? It means when you protected your wealth with Gold and Silver, you should have also got: Tons of nonperishable food, tons of clean water, tons of first aid supplies, a few bug-out bags, things like knives, flashlights, rope, batteries, tents, whatever you need to survive while in the great outdoors, and guns. Guns with lots of ammo.

I don’t know about you, but these laws can go to hell. Any compliance on my part with them will have to be out of force, or out of sheer, utter desperation. I’d like to think I’d rather slug it out in the wilderness than fall that far. But collapse does things to people. Your guns will protect you from others. And they will give you some sort of a chance against the Government. All this while you survive day in and day out. It’s gonna suck more balls than anything in the history of history.

Did I mention there’s supposed to be a flood of Biblical proportions? Yeah. As a fellow with whom I associate myself with says, “Stack it deep.”

-Mr. Hide

A Little on Socialism, and Citizen’s Defense

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Socialist policies are totally on the rise and barely abated by some valiant efforts of Citizens and our allies in government. The Nation is on its way to ruin, and hope for improvement is all but gone. There are still those who want more of the same from government, that is, begging the ruling elite to throw them some scraps via healthcare coverage and manipulation of the markets, as well as other things. To those people, there is this to say:

“A government big enough to supply you with everything you need, is a government big enough to take everything you have…” – Gerald Ford

And government will take.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson

History has proven this. Current events reinforce it.

There is much debate and concern over healthcare, and also over who may or may not get it. Sheeple lament that there is not enough coverage and demand government to “fix” the “problem”. Have they stopped to think about what is wrong about the fact that we can’t afford medication without paying someone else to afford it for them? No. And certainly, they will never reach the conclusion that it is the intrusion of government in the medication market that has caused prices and costs to soar out of the reach of your own money. Of course, that is part of it. The insane devaluation of the dollar is also part of it. And some outrageous tax practices, as well. The list goes on.

And again, for the people who wish for government to provide everything for them… refer to the quotes presented.

Society is being molded into a fearful and foolish mass of group-thinking sheeple. We are becoming more reliant on government and losing the ability to take responsibility and take care of ourselves. We allow government a de facto hold of all the cards and yet expect them to do what we want? Natural progression… Now, we are afraid of guns because they can be fired, knives because they are sharp, and shadows because we don’t know how to defend ourselves.

We expect our soldiers to defend the U.S. Constitution despite the fact that they are too busy with phantom enemies abroad to fight the real ones in Washington, D.C. We expect police around every corner and in front of every house to protect us 24/7 despite the fact that it’s impossible. We expect government to do the right thing despite the fact that it is highly improbable. We put faith in these expectations and turn a blind eye to reality.

And product of this fearful, sheeple society is the ease of which lies about the ability of responsible persons to defend themselves and others are spread. Mass shootings are blamed on the presence of a couple of guns wielded by a individual pushed to the edge, rather than the lack of guns possessed by sane persons that could have stopped it with one bullet. The chaos that ensues after such an event is rife with disinformation and insane agendas. To offer an analogy: If they piss down your back in broad daylight, you will get out of the way and maybe even do something to stop it. But if they make it rain and do it at night, you will dismiss it as water and let it flow.

See through the chaos in both real and artificial crises. Know your rights, know the facts, and be ready to defend them because how many will see the irony in having your guns taken from you at gunpoint?

Open your mind, and you will bear your arms. Bear your arms, and you will fear no shadows. Fear no shadows, and you will see the light.

-Mr. Hide

Haiti Earthquake

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Tsunamis, hurricanes, and quakes all over; it’s only gonna get worse. The weather’s screwy and it’s gonna keep being screwy no matter what’s done in the name of protecting the planet, arbitrary or real. The people of Haiti are the latest victims of these increased disastrous phenomena.

There’s a couple interesting things I’d like to mention as some food for thought. It seems like everyone and their dog wants you to donate to the cause. A fine effort, but where was this sort of impetus when the tsunami ravaged Indochina and parts of Africa, or when New Orleans suffered at the hands of Katrina? There was a decent amount, yes, but not in the levels I’m seeing here. It’s not because Haiti had it worse than the Indochina area, or is closer than New Orleans, that’s for sure.

One other thing is this: Haiti is on the same landmass as the Dominican Republic, yet from what I’ve heard, the DR is pretty much fine. An earthquake of that magnitude not spilling over and causing some ruckus is no doubt a rarity. Now, I’m glad that another nation didn’t need to suffer the devastation, but as I said, it’s food for thought.

Also, what’s with the push for adoption? Again, fine intentions, but I don’t get why, if it’s so great, it hasn’t been so pronounced before. Just some things to think about.

-Mr. Hide

Christmas Terror Attack (Posting Like Everyone Else)

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Well, I’ve been silent on this issue until now.

The Rundown: Some guy tries to blow a plane up, luckily he was stopped by another guy. These are the basics.

The Problem: Was not stopped by any of the security measures employed by the U.S. Government.

The Solution: Punish travelers with more of the same type of security that failed in this, and pretend the ones responsible for this aren’t actually responsible for this.

The Voice (mine, anyway): So, looks like the only person taking responsibility here is the person who’s supposed to dish out the punishment, meaning nobody gets fired as usual. And again, as usual, the solution is more Bureaucracy instead of less. But hey, that’s okay, right? Obama told them to “do a better job”. In fact, he “ordered” them to do it so you know it’s guaranteed to work!

Obviously, that’s not how shit rolls.

It seems he has another “agenda” more important than “national security” (man, that’s a first in a while, ain’t it?) so “the White House” is trying to “resolve and move beyond the issue”. Or maybe just the latter. This is typical of a President who does things behind closed doors and does very little where everyone can see what’s going on. How come the one time the big wigs stop making terrorism (real or imagined) the top claim is the one time an actual terror even occurs close to us?

Man, I bet 75% of you all know exactly what the solution to most of our problems foreign and domestic is. Maybe not specifics but a broad principle, and you know what I’m talkin’ about. Aren’t you tired of the whitewashing and the foot-dragging while the noose gets tighter and tighter?

Maybe you are, but not enough. You live in a world of fear and terror, a constant state of under-the-skin chaos. It’s the sort of environment where totalitarianism thrives, not in your face, but beneath the surface. It’s hands grasp are your feet, but you never look down to see what’s holding you back. And when you sink so deep that it comes into your vision… Well, good luck getting outta that hole.

Sometimes, all you gotta do is pay attention.

UPDATE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1counb-1VI

Kurt Haskell reveals first-hand information on the “Underwear Bomber” and how the Gov’t threw his story aside and went with their own lies. This is not his first appearance.

-Mr. Hide

“Healthcare Reformers” Showing Their Colors

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When I first put this link up as a draft, the article was somewhat different than it is now. I’m not quite sure that was my imagination… Nevertheless, let’s get this post moving.

It’s becoming much more evident that the Government is quickly and heavy-handedly sticking its mitts in places they don’t belong. Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that, or else. And they pretend to wonder what the problem is. Obama mentioned a “last-minute addition” about penalizing companies that raise their prices right before the passage of the bill in order to scrape in more profits than otherwise would be achievable (he does not mention that this is why they’re doing it).

That’s exactly what happens and is happening when you get governments subsidizing shit they should be out of for the most part. The prices for a lot of drugs and medical procedures would drop dramatically if the FDA was at the very least more realistic about its testing requirements (and at least knew where to get better stuff for a lower cost, but we all know bureaucrats love the opposite) and if Government stopped subsidizing all that stuff. And with the supposed requirement to get gov’t-approved insurance, it won’t be long until everything it doesn’t subsidize is illegal (like, say, marijuana). Which means, the limited and poor quality of insurance that is offered would either be the only one allowed or the only one left.

All paid for by a huge increase in your already-unconstitutional income taxes and, hell, any other taxes! You’re already forced to pay taxes for public school whether or not you or your children attend one, and it’s no secret what a load of shit those places are. I don’t need to tell you that you don’t want the same when it comes to caring for your health.

It doesn’t help that the products and lifestyles of many people in this country are unhealthy. Again, I don’t need to tell you about all of that because most likely you’re part of it. Most of us are. We don’t exercise much, we stress over everything, we eat junk, not even our water is free of toxins, we don’t get consistent sun and fresh air sometimes because the air is shit-quality, we pop pills and drugs for everything that such a lifestyle causes, etc. etc. e.t.c. We grow more apathetic, more despondent, more complacent every day and it’s just plain sad.

Of course, there continue to be exceptions, persons, to that rule and that’s great. If that actually becomes the rule, then we’re getting somewhere. All you gotta do is get yourself in gear because no one else will do that for you. Governments will claim they can, but it’s a scam. You hand over your responsibility little by little, and a piece of your mind goes with it each time until such a point where you become a drone, a puppet. Then, what does it matter if they don’t hold their part of the deal? You are neither caring nor capable anymore.

Don’t let a bureaucrat tell you what your life is worth.

UPDATE 12/24/2009


Folks, this is truly frightening. If this bill passes, everyone will be required to have some for of insurance or another or pay up to 2% of their income in fines every year! Large companies won’t even be allowed to run without it, and employees cannot opt out of the plan!

Government expansion, reckless subsidies, deciding what is proper healthcare procedure and what isn’t, who gets to have what. Is this the cry of a free nation? Is this what personal choice is about? Do you want government telling you what is best for your person and your family at the threat of bleeding you dry if you don’t? Shocking and appalling, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve got a sinking feeling in my stomach and it ain’t going nowhere good…

-Mr. Hide

Copenhagen: The Beginning

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Nice to see there are some AP journalists who are not totally mindless. Props to you, J. Herbert.

Moving on. As most of us who pay a little attention know, the climate summit in Copenhagen (which is in Denmark, for those that care) began today. Read the article (as I expect you to anyway) and you will see that there is clear mention and overtones of government control and the like. There is even mention of opposing scientific viewpoints and how they were possibly silenced. For anyone who takes interest in this, further research can be done on your own (I’m at least glad it was in the article at all, so that you can know about it in the first place).

On that last bit, a quote from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, if you remember it from the article, is “The vast body of evidence not only remains unassailable, it has grown even stronger.” Yes, “unassailable” because you won’t allow the voices to be heard? And where is the evidence that makes it “even stronger”? You’ll never hear of it, that’s for sure.

Throughout the article there is also mention of how even if Congress doesn’t act, the administration will! Congress is the only body that We the People gave power to make the laws. This fact has been swept under the rug and thrown out the window with executive orders and the like, and especially the UN involvement deciding where priorities lie.

The article also reminds us at the end that CO2, Carbon Dioxide, is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act (CAA)! CO2, the stuff we breathe out of our bodies and what plants breathe into theirs, one of the biggest components of physical life that is in the air, is a pollutant according to the CAA. Are they going to restrict Oxygen next?!

Now, real pollutants and toxins such as nuclear waste can do a lot of damage and are dangerous to have around. Yet they suggest using more nuclear energy instead! And restricting the crap out of businesses who produce carbon dioxide waste byproducts, while increasing energy costs for everyone and policing you for “hurting the Earth” based on their phony science.

And of course, all of this is for global unification. Everyone stands together to save the Earth from imminent doom. A nice, even noble dream. But in reality it’s a nightmare, a farce. It’s all about politics, ladies and gentlemen. Control, control, control. You are lied to about the real causes of global warming, you are lied to about what is necessary to prevent it, and you are lied to about the final result of it all, by the governments of the world. What happened to the 31,000 actual climatologists who sued Al Gore for his lies? Why can’t we see all the “scientific” data to support it, especially when there are bold claims that it’s “vast”? Shouldn’t all of us be allowed to take part in the debate, not just those who think they know what’s best for us?

Wake yourselves up to the truth of the matter. Control, restrictions, policing, punishment – All for a fraud.

-Mr. Hide